April 5, 2024

Content Brief


Length, tone, etc: 

  • Example of whitepaper attached
  • ~3 pages

Background of Portfolio+

  • Portfolioplus.com
  • Enterprise core banking software for banks and financial institutions
  • Launching a reverse mortgage product for alternative lenders and other financial institutions soon 


The primary objective of this content is to position reverse mortgages as a strategic opportunity for alternative lenders to drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and cater to the evolving needs of their target market. Specifically, the content aims to:

  • Educate alternative lenders about the benefits and potential of offering reverse mortgages as part of their product portfolio.
  • Showcase the strategic importance of customer-centricity, broker partnerships, financial education, and innovation in successfully implementing reverse mortgage offerings.
  • Empower alternative lenders with actionable insights and best practices for leveraging reverse mortgages to expand market reach, diversify revenue streams, and strengthen relationships with mortgage brokers.
  • Persuade alternative lenders to embrace reverse mortgages as a key driver of success and competitiveness in the changing landscape of the mortgage industry.

Audience Persona:

The target audience for this content includes executives, decision-makers, and stakeholders within alternative lending institutions, such as credit unions, community banks, online lenders, and non-bank financial institutions. These individuals are typically:

  • Age: 30-60 years old
  • Profession: Senior executives, directors, managers, and other decision-makers in the lending industry
  • Demographics: Varied, but predominantly located in urban and suburban areas
  • Interests: Industry trends, financial innovation, customer experience, business growth strategies
  • Pain Points: Competition from traditional banks and fintech startups, regulatory challenges, customer acquisition and retention, diversification of product offerings.

Main Message:

“Unlocking Growth and Competitiveness Through Reverse Mortgages: A Strategic Imperative for Alternative Lenders”

Alternative lenders, seize the opportunity to differentiate yourselves in the competitive mortgage market by embracing reverse mortgages. This content is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage reverse mortgages as a strategic opportunity for growth and competitiveness. From enhancing broker partnerships to driving customer-centric innovation, reverse mortgages offer alternative lenders a pathway to expand market reach, diversify revenue streams, and strengthen relationships with mortgage brokers. By prioritizing customer-centricity, financial education, and innovation, alternative lenders can position themselves at the forefront of the evolving mortgage industry landscape, empowering seniors and driving strategic success.

Key Points for Alternative Lenders:

  • Enhancing Broker Partnerships:
    • Discuss the symbiotic relationship between alternative lenders and mortgage brokers in effectively serving customers.
    • Illustrate how offering reverse mortgages strengthens broker relationships by providing them with a comprehensive suite of products to meet the evolving needs of their clients.
  • Empowering Brokers with Financial Education:
    • Emphasize the critical role of financial education in empowering brokers to provide informed advice to their clients.
    • Showcase how alternative lenders can equip brokers with comprehensive resources and knowledge about reverse mortgages, enabling them to offer tailored solutions.
  • Driving Customer-Centric Innovation:
    • Highlight the importance of customer-centric innovation in differentiating alternative lenders in the market.
    • Explore how reverse mortgages can be customized to address the unique financial needs of aging customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Expanding Market Reach and Revenue Streams:
    • Outline the strategic advantage of offering reverse mortgages for alternative lenders in expanding their market reach.
    • Discuss the untapped potential of the senior demographic segment and the opportunity to capture market share through innovative mortgage products.

Key Messages:

  • Reverse mortgages offer alternative lenders a strategic opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market and drive growth.
  • Customer-centricity, broker partnerships, financial education, and innovation are essential pillars for successfully implementing reverse mortgage offerings.
  • Empowering brokers with knowledge and resources about reverse mortgages can enhance customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Alternative lenders can leverage reverse mortgages to expand their market reach, diversify revenue streams, and strengthen relationships with mortgage brokers.
  • Embracing reverse mortgages is crucial for alternative lenders to remain competitive and seize opportunities in the evolving mortgage industry landscape.


Research and Data Integration:

  • Conduct thorough research to gather relevant data, statistics, and industry insights to support the key points and arguments presented in the content piece.
  • Ensure that the data sources are reputable, up-to-date, and relevant to the topic of reverse mortgages and alternative lending.
  • Integrate strong data points strategically throughout the content to add credibility, support arguments, and enhance the overall quality of the piece.
  • Aim to strike a balance between qualitative insights and quantitative data, using statistics, case studies, and market trends to reinforce key messages and themes.
  • Where applicable, analyze and interpret the data to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations for alternative lenders.


For a content piece focused on reverse mortgages and alternative lending targeted at executives and decision-makers within alternative lending institutions, here are some useful data points that could be incorporated:

  • Market Size and Growth:
    • Total market size of the reverse mortgage industry.
    • Projected growth rate of the reverse mortgage market over the next few years.
    • Comparison of the reverse mortgage market size and growth to other segments of the mortgage industry.
  • Demographic Trends:
    • Demographic data on the aging population and the percentage of seniors who own their homes.
    • Trends in homeownership rates among seniors and their financial needs in retirement.
    • Geographic distribution of the senior population and their housing preferences.
  • Consumer Behavior and Attitudes:
    • Surveys or studies on consumer attitudes towards reverse mortgages and alternative lending options.
    • Data on the factors influencing seniors’ decisions to pursue a reverse mortgage.
    • Insights into customer satisfaction levels and perceptions of alternative lenders offering reverse mortgages.
  • Broker Partnerships and Market Penetration:
    • Statistics on the number of mortgage brokers and their market share in the mortgage industry.
    • Data on the percentage of brokers currently offering reverse mortgages to their clients.
    • Case studies or success stories illustrating the impact of broker partnerships on alternative lenders’ market penetration.
  • Financial Impact and Benefits:
    • Average loan amounts and interest rates for reverse mortgages.
    • Data on the financial benefits of reverse mortgages for borrowers, such as increased cash flow or debt consolidation.
    • Studies on the long-term financial outcomes and satisfaction levels of reverse mortgage borrowers.
  • Regulatory Landscape:
    • Updates on relevant regulations and policies impacting the reverse mortgage industry.
    • Statistics on compliance costs and regulatory challenges faced by alternative lenders offering reverse mortgages.
    • Comparison of regulatory frameworks across different regions or countries.
  • Competitive Landscape and Market Trends:
    • Market share data for alternative lenders offering reverse mortgages.
    • Trends in product innovation and customization within the reverse mortgage market.
    • Analysis of competitive positioning and differentiation strategies among alternative lenders.
  • Performance Metrics and Success Stories:
    • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success of reverse mortgage programs, such as loan origination volume or customer retention rates.
    • Case studies or testimonials from alternative lenders who have successfully implemented reverse mortgage offerings.

Tone and Style:

Professional, informative, persuasive, and engaging. Use a blend of industry terminology and accessible language to communicate complex concepts effectively.

Content Format:

The content will be structured as a comprehensive whitepaper, divided into sections that explore each key point in detail. Visual elements such as charts, graphs, and infographics may be incorporated to enhance readability and understanding.

SEO Requirements:

Ensure the inclusion of relevant keywords related to alternative lending, reverse mortgages, mortgage industry trends, etc., to optimize the whitepaper for search engines.

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